Not Merely a Coffee Jar: Coffee Canister from MiiR



If you’ve been around coffee for any length of time, you will no doubt understand that freshly roasted coffee beans have four mortal enemies: heat, light, air, and moisture. First thing on a Monday morning, before your beautiful new beans even reach your espresso machine – or your grinder hopper, for that matter – their quality and freshness can be compromised by these four elements, so it’s crucial to keep them protected. This is where a coffee canister can change your brewing game.


As the coffee community continues to grow in their understanding of the process of storing and brewing coffee, the range of products is also expanding to reflect this knowledge. There are now an array of different options for coffee bean storage, from glass and clear plastic containers with a simple lid, to vaccum-sealed stainless steel cannisters with twist and press-release functions. All of these storage solutions have an aim of keeping coffee beans as fresh and flavoursome as possible, however, most of them do not successfully keep all four of those mortal enemies at bay, while keeping in mind an aesthetically-pleasing and simple design. Enter the Coffee Canister from MiiR.

MiiR have designed their coffee canister to provide the perfect environment for coffee beans to stay fresh for longer: as free as possible from air, light, heat and moisture. It has been constructed from medical-grade 18/8 stainless steel and is finished off with a Hardhsell™ powder coat on the exterior, making this cannister incredibly strong and durable. The use of this particular stainless steel ensures no flavour transfer to your beans from the cannister, so your brew flavours will not be compromised. The stainless steel body and lid also ensure that your beans are always kept in the dark, even if the cannister finds its home on your benchtop in your bright and airy kitchen.

To help keep air away from your favourite beans, MiiR have included an accordion-style seal into their design, which pushes out any air from the canister before the lid is replaced. The seal is separate from the lid and sits inside the canister. When you’re finished accessing your coffee beans, simply place the seal into the canister with the handle positioned upwards, and push gently down until the seal meets the beans. Then, flip the handle on its side while pressing down on the seal. The seal will engage and compress, ensuring that no excess air can enter the canister, locking in the freshness of your beans. Then simply replace the easy-grip twist bezel lid and enjoy brewing.

This simple functionality together with the handy 12oz capacity (approx.. 340 grams), makes the Coffee Canister from MiiR the perfect option for keeping your beans fresh at home, at work, or even if you’re travelling. This coffee canister is available in Black, White, Copper and Stainless so there is a colour to suit any kitchen or brew bar setup, so you have quick and easy access to your beans at all times without the need to hide an ugly bean jar away in the cupboard. Keen to find out more on the Coffee Canister or other products from MiiR? Check out the info below.